There are various transportation options available for wedding day including limos, Audis, BMWs to transport your guests to the venue. Even a simple, classic car may perform its function and take the happy bride and groom to the venue.

Luxury car hire is becoming immensely popular among those who wish to celebrate the weddings in style.

Luxury car hire is worth considering when it is your wedding. It gives the best value for the investment.

Newlyweds need not arrange someone to drive the car. Let us check out the top 5 luxury cars you may consider for your wedding.

Why People Go For Luxury Cars?

When you buy or hire luxury SUV, you expect certain qualities and wish to get the best value for money. Additional options that you find in usual standard cars are common in the luxury cars. Features relating to technology are more innovative, seats are ultra comfortable, and engines are ultra powerful. As there are a lot many brands of luxury cars, making a suitable choice is difficult.

Acura Rdx And The Features

If you are looking for the best and luxurious SUVs, you may opt for Acura RDX. The potent SUV is the fuel-efficient car featuring V6 engine. It has crossed the crash test rating and offers a refined kind of ride. RDX is being labeled as freakishly agile and features dual cockpit design, some optional features such as climate control mechanism, 15 GB storage space, and so the car is simply irresistible.

The Stylish Car Option Infinity X35

The stylish exterior of Infinity X35 has earned a lot of accolades and recognition for the luxurious SUV. In fact, it is classed as luxury SUV simply due to that reason. The crossover has much to offer than what you can notice at first glance. Featuring a powerful V6 engine, giving a horsepower of 325, Infinity EX35 offers a much superior ride with the intelligent all-wheel drive, polished exhaust tips, much greater turning ratio, supple leather and also Maple interior. All such features contribute to rewinding atmosphere inside the car cabin.

Lexus Rx Luxury Car

Lexus RX is the car you should look forward to when you want a plush and luxurious cabin. This is the car which has all the luxurious and standard features so uncommon in usual standard cars. It features Lexus Remote touch luxury feature. This is the chief highlight of this car. Volvo XC60 is a fabulous runner-up car which gives stiff competition to Lexus RX.

Audi Q7 Offering Fast Acceleration

If you crave for that lightning fast acceleration, you may choose Audi Q7 which is the best in the class. Featuring 3.6-liter V6 engine, Audi Q7 offers a full-time and all-wheel drive. It only has positive reviews for its top-notch features and materials. The 21-inch wheels, corner camera, 14-speaker bang are the striking features of this luxury car.

Cadillac Srx: A Classy Choice

Cadillac SRX is the classy car which may prove a compelling choice for your wedding. The classy cabin is fabulously redesigned, the braking capability is fantastic, and it also has crash test rating. You may opt for any of the cars for your wedding.